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About the Double Ninth Festival

Double ninth festival (also known as double ninth festival) is a traditional festival of the han nationality on the 9th day of the 9th month of the 9th lunar month. In ancient times, people in the double ninth festival have high blessing, autumn tour chrysanthemum, wearing dogwood, worship god worship ancestors and feasting for life and other customs. In addition, because the ninth day of the ninth lunar month sounds like "jiu jiu", which means "long time", ancestor worship and filial piety activities are often carried out on this day. The two important themes of double ninth festival activities are to appreciate the autumn and to show gratitude and respect for the elderly. Double ninth festival and New Year's eve, tomb-sweeping day, July half as China's four traditional ancestor worship festivals.

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Shuangyue Bay, a two-day trip during Jul. 22-23

Our Loly staff just had a happy two-day trip during Jul. 22-23 in Shuangyue Bay Huizhou. That could help us have a physical and mental relaxation experience after the daily busy work, show the leadership's care for employees, enhance employees' feelings and team cohesion, expand horizons and come back to better promote their own work, and so on.

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Welcome to the SIGN CHINA 2019 in Shanghai during Sep.18-20

Welcome to the SIGN CHINA 2019— The annual oscars of the global advertising logo industry The 18th Shanghai international advertising logo exhibition Sep.18-20, 2019 | Shanghai new international expo center BOOTH NO.: .W4 A12 2018 Highlights

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Bay Photo Lab’s Xpozer Photo Wall Display Review

Xpozer is a fascinating new way to create exhibition-quality photo prints from Bay Photo Lab. How good do they look? If Leonardo da Vinci had seen these… Xpozer isn’t an ordinary photo print, it’s a phenomenon. From the clean, sharp colors to the three-cornered shipping carton to the ingeniously engineered frame, it’s a brilliantly conceived and cleverly designed system that’s affordable, fun and looks great on any wall. Procedure The process is simple. Create an online account with Bay Photo Lab—it takes about one minute. Upload your images and select the size you want. For best results, choose a size that matches or is close to the aspect ratio of your print—there are 22 size options, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Short of that, their online tools allow you to crop your image to fit practically any size.

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Where to Print: Outputting a Unique NASA Poster Using WhiteWall’s Online Lab Services

It’s no secret that the online photo lab WhiteWall is one of our favorite services for making gallery-worthy prints of our favorite images. Back in 2015, Shutterbug Editor-at-Large George Schaub reviewed WhiteWall’s services for our website and came away impressed. WhiteWall also just received TIPA's “Best Photo Service” award for 2017, and I’ve, personally, used them for printing a number of my photos on a variety of surfaces including acrylic and metal and have been very pleased with the results. My wife and I recently bought a new apartment and were looking for something a little different to hang on the wall and I decided to try out WhiteWall’s services again. The following is a short, “mini-review” about my experiences.

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