Project Description

ECO solvent ink, is an environmentally friendly solvent ink, high safety, low toxicity, low volatility.


Pigment type ECO solvent ink high light resistance level, generally used for outdoor advertising printing.


ECO solvent ink to make advertising pictures high definition, fine, and water-based ink comparable, better than solvent ink; Outdoor weathering time is longer than solvent ink; Therefore, it is widely used in the advertising industry.


Jade technology’s ECO solvent ink, using high quality low odor solvent; Imported raw materials, stable and fast; High color saturation, bright color; Print smoothly without blocking.




Applicable model:


Machine for Epson DX 4, DX5, DX7 nozzle. For example: Roland/Mimaki/Mutoh/Epson/brand printer, and domestic Epson nozzle printer.




Product features:


  1. Bright and full color, good color reduction, wide color range.


  1. Fast drying speed, suitable for mass printing.


  1. Good fluency and no plugging. Save maintenance cost.


  1. Protect sprinkler head


  1. High flash point, safer


  1. Low odor, no toxic solvent, more environmentally friendly.




Usage process:


Print directly




Suitable printing medium:


Light box cloth, leather, rubber, plastic, etc.






K, C, M, Y, LC, LM






Suitable for making: body paste, wallpaper, leather printing, advertisement picture making, etc.


Suitable for printing craft gifts of various materials; Advertising production, outdoor weather resistance for 1-2 years.