Project Description


New Solvent ink


product color: black (BK), blue (CY), red (MG), yellow (YL), light blue (LC), light red (LM)


Mimaki/Epson /Roland Roland printer, etc


packaging form: neutral, customer brand


packing capacity: 4.0L


scope of application

gold card, silver card, slide, film, transparent backing (PET), transparent film, plastic film (PE, PVC), glass, ceramic tile, KT board, body advertisement, light box advertisement, outdoor poster, shop sign, weak solvent lamp, photographic paper, etc.


Product description

weak solvent ink is a kind of green environment-friendly solvent, outdoor inkjet ink, high security, low volatility and high flash point, wide color gamut, weather resistance, and can prevent the UV ultraviolet ray, in order to meet the majority of customers and the market demand, at the same time develop ecosolvent ink pigments and dyes, the two models in addition to keep the ink water-based ink to make the picture at the same time, the advantage of high precision and overcome the demanding of water-based ink on the substrate and make pictures cannot be used in outdoor, and can be applied to many without coating on the substrate. We use Germany, Japan, the United States, Taiwan and other imported raw materials to ensure the overall quality of stability, fine formula and ultra-high precision filtration, but also to achieve high accuracy of the smooth output.




product features: the product has high color saturation and wide color range; Stable performance of ink can protect the safety of nozzle.


(1) beautiful and rich colors, realistic effect, wide color range ** color expression;


(2) waterproof, uv resistant, oxidation resistant, scratch and wear resistant, color resistant,


(3) imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no plugging; Even if you don’t turn it on for a long time, it won’t block


(4) durable outdoor performance, able to resist the influence of UV light and prevent color fading;


(5) does not contain benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone and other toxic solvents; The environmental protection of printed products can meet all kinds of harsh testing at home and abroad.


(6) good adhesion, especially fast drying speed;


(7) the ink can be stored for a long time, no deterioration, no precipitation, no consistency, chemical properties is very stable, suitable for a long time storage.


(8) product maturity is very high. After a long period of market verification and continuous improvement, the product quality is stable.