Project Description

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  1. Printing materials: polyester fabric.


  1. Suitable for making: banner advertisements, clothes, etc.




Product overview:


Disperse dye ink is a printing process that is directly printed on cloth. It is usually used for printing polyester fiber or polyester fiber based cloth. It is an ink that can produce glossy designs on textiles at excellent printing speeds.




Applicable model:


  1. Suitable for MUTOH and MIMAKI series EPSON five-generation piezoelectric nozzle machine, domestic double six generation head and loran single seven generation head.


  1. Apply to ricoh GEN4 / GEN5 nozzle.


  1. Suitable for industrial nozzle.




Product features:


  1. The colors printed on the fabric are bright and saturated, with good color reduction and wide color range;


  1. The image is clear and sharp.


  1. It feels soft and comfortable without any feeling of thickness.


  1. Good fluency and no plugging. Save maintenance cost.


  1. Resistance to friction, washing and sun. A ROHS report for this parameter is available.




Usage process:


Fabric sizing -> drying flat -> printing -> drying -> cooking -> washing -> drying.


The sizing process is mainly to prevent ink from seeping on the fabric to ensure printing accuracy.


Flatness is good for printing.


Disperse dyes and fibers to complete the fixation reaction. Please consult us for cooking time and temperature.


Wash and dry.






K, C, M, Y, LC, LM, LK