Project Description




UV ink pigment particle diameter is less than 1 microns, does not contain volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, no pungent odor, to ensure that the ink in the spray printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon, printing smooth, that is, spray dry, fast curing. The color is gaudy, luster, high saturation, produce body feeling strong, superior color expression. Can be used in the current market with various models of the nozzle UV flat inkjet printer matching. Widely used, such as: leather, wood, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, plastic, stone, rubber, CD-ROM, instant stickers, light box cloth, glass, ceramics, metal, like paper, more suitable for water transfer printing process in a variety of special-shaped media transfer true color image. Suitable for advertising, decoration, card, portrait, bags and other industries, such as gift printing effect, sunscreen scratch, high-definition digital color image, beautiful color, image waterproof, never fade, the price is reasonable. High quality, low cost, environmental protection and energy saving. After curing the ink layer of high hardness, good adhesion, scrub, solvent-resistant, high-gloss.


  1. Environmentally-friendly non-toxic: UV ink, excluding volatile organic solvents, ultra-low viscosity, no pungent odor.
  2. Do not plug the nozzle: After eight months of high temperature storage test, no pigment condensation, sinking, stratification and other abnormal phenomena.
  3. Fast curing: UV ink that is, dry, cured ink layer of high hardness, strong adhesion, scrub, high-gloss.
  4. Anti-UV Ability: The sun-resistant level reached 7-8, outdoor minimum three years.


Suitable for a wide range of materials: UV ink for spray printing metal metal plate, glass, ceramics, wood, flooring, wallpaper, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials. has been successfully used in 512, Seiko, Toshiba, Spectra, Epson led Lengguang, such as nozzle UV flat inkjet printer.